Friday, April 6, 2012


I am elated with joy that I get to finally join in with the real insta-friday crew.  Instagram has FINALLY integrated with the Android system.  I switched over the day it became available and I am smitten (:

So here is how my week went...

Do you remember doing these puzzles as a kid.  I LOVED them.  Teaching an 11 year old, who HAS to win at everything or else, is a super fun experience.  We got just a little bit further than this and she threw in the towel.

It was girls day on Saturday!  This consisted of hair salon, lunch at Olive Garden, mall shopping to find Easter dresses then a trip the the grocery store.  I love girls day!

Sundays are family days and that usually consists of brunch and hanging out.  This time we switched it up and did brunch at Uncle Pete's Cafe then headed to the nail salon.  Cutesie toes with a flower (I broke and did a design) and colored gel to match! 

I completed another adorable banner this week, then shipped it off to Australia.  So crazy!  I love this one so much I wanted to keep it.  But it is headed for a wedding down south.  I hope to get pics to share with you after the wedding.

This week was super crazy, I wasn't sure what direction I was going half the time but I was in constant movement.  Driving from here to there and back again.  This was from my drive down PCH headed to Huntington Beach for a wrap up meeting with an on top of it Bride.

I drove by this house and was mesmerized.  It totally took me back to another time, with the horse tie up an all.  Back then it was all about the simpler things.  Maybe trying to get back to that would be a good thing.

These earnings have become a FAV.  I just adore bows.

I pre-ordered this book and it finally arrived!  However, I have not even been able to crack the bind and open it I have been so busy.  I think Easter weekend calls for some R&R (reading and relaxation).

While waiting for an appointment I sat down on this green leather couch and looked over.  How random is it that your green purse will EVER match a couch you sit on?

That's all for this week.  I am linking up with Jeannette from Life Rearranged for Insta-Friday.  You should join in the fun or just be a blog stalker (that's fun too!).

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