Friday, March 30, 2012


I am linking up again with Jeannette from Life Rearranged on this yucky gloomy day.

Fridays always seem to be the busiest around here and this week it started a little earlier (Thursday).  So here is my week in Retro photos (I don't have and iphone, therefore no instagram).

There was this beautiful Austin Healey parked next to me last week.  Gorgeous green color with red interior.  I should announce now that I am a total car geek, especially mustangs!  Shout out to 281 Motorsports (my husbands business). ;)

I participated in the ARC walk last weekend.  It was my first time (even though my grandmother has been apart of the board forever). Complete fail on that one :(  Totally inspirational and uplifting.  I will definitely be back and encouraging others too!

I went clothing shopping for the first time in a long time.  It just so happens that when I go once it becomes an obsession and I have to keep going, so I try and limit myself.  Shopping is truly an addiction.  My fav purchase was this white lace top with that adorable black bow belt.

It rained here then the clouds rolled away in all there darkness.  With it they left the gloomy days.  I can't wait for summer and nice blue skies.

 While reading the ARC website this week I came across this fab photo.  It is a pic of my mom and grandma at the finish line.  Thanks for the support!  Can't wait to do it again next year.

This is what my desk has looked like all week.  Crafting and netflix on the ipad!  Such a great combination.

Salad lunches for weeks now have helped in maintaining my weight but not in loosing any.  That will be the next step.  Why is it so hard to NOT eat the the fattening foods!?!

Yesterday, I attended an open house for La Tavola Linens in Newport Beach.  Their set up was beautiful and their new linens were gorgeous!  I can't get over the sequin chevron print.  Just trying to figure out what event I can throw that linen into ;)

That's all for this week.  How was your week?  Do you link up with Jeannette?  If not you should ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Insta-Friday Double Duty

I missed posing last week but I have a super good excuse.  I had a date with a very special little lady.  My amazing step-daughter earned Honor Roll for the first time.  This was definitely a day to celebrate.  I rushed off early to meet her at school for the awards assembly.  I was then begged to stay for the remainder of the day in class with her.

So like I said super good excuse. ;)

To make up for it though, I am going to make this week's insta do double duty because I really wanted to share some of the photos from last week.

Here goes.  I hope you can stick through the long post I am linking up with Jeannette from Life Rearranged.

A much needed morning pick me up breakfast from Hank's Mexican Food in Costa Mesa was just the ticket for this sluggish day.

Totally blurry photo of what I watch on my iPad on Saturday mornings.  Guily pleasure, 19 Kids and Counting.  This episode they visited their friends the Bates family, a total combined head count of 38 plus one on the way.  Total Craziness! 

Love these peeps!  Sunday morning breakfast is more like brunch time...ok, usually lunch time but we eat breakfast foods and always at Kimmie's and always so yummy.  I don't know whats happening in this photo, I don't ask questions I just take the photos.

Daddy Daughter cuddle time turned into Daddy snoring time in the pepto pink room.

This new bedding is just sitting in the bag waiting for the bedroom to get painted.  Remember the almost tears I spoke about a few weeks ago.  Well, ya, that room has yet to be painted and put back together but that doesn't keep me from decorating it.

An accidental drive by this place almost resulted in a quick drop in.  Too bad there was no time :(

Purchases from this place make me happy.  Even if they are a gift for a special friend.

This is the honor roll assembly I spoke of earlier.  So proud of this little girl.

After school we decided to hit the movies but not before a little shopping to kill some time.

Stocking up on snacks before watching The Lorax.  No movie going experience is complete with out popcorn, candy and a drink!

More popcorn was had on Saturday with an all girl trip to the movies with out of town visiting cousins.

After the movie it was off to BK to check out the green ketchup!  Craziest thing I have ever seen.  Did anyone else try it?

This guy, my bestie, is so Irish he even wears green the day after St. Paddy's Day!

This firetruck pulled into the parking lot during breakfast just for the kids to check it out and take some photos.  I was totally going to have my picture taken too but I didn't want my food to get cold ;)

Loving these poppies on this first day of Spring.  With color brings great joy and happiness.

When your sick hubby calls you to pick up medicine and tissues on your way home you just know it is not going to be a good night.  Poor guy just can't kick this sickness :(

Birthday presents all wrapped up ready to go to a special friend who really needed a pick me up that day.

I busted out the new Coach tote (a Christmas gift from my hubby) and stuffed it full of wedding planning necessities and was on my merry way to a new client meeting.  Which went great!

Sorry for the long one.  I hope to never have to do this again.  Trying to start preparing earlier for insta-friday is a good idea.  Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 9, 2012


I can't believe how gorgeous the weather is today.  I think a picnic is in order!

I am linking up with Jeannette from Life Rearranged again this week sharing my week in camera phone photos.

Turkey burgers on a whole grain thin bun.  OMG this was tasty!  So yea the cheese part is not healthy but look there is tomato and spinach too!  I can't wait to make these again and again.  Next time on the BBQ.

This little girl got her first tattoo last week...OK so it was on her cast but still getting a rose drawn on your cast by THIS guy makes it seem so much cooler.

This Wahoos in Costa Mesa has the coolest building art.  I didn't eat here that day but just had to take a pic of the building to share.

Trying to find ways to change it up in the hair department proves difficult.  But adding this gold and rhinestone headband glamed it up just a bit.

Having to fill up my gas tank the other day just about gave me a heart attack.  Even though this pic show $46 for this sale, trust me, it was still in process and went up a whole lot more.

I wonder if starting and ending a post with food says something about me.  This was lunch the other day; tuna on whole wheat with BBQ chips inside.  It give a nice little crunch while chowin' down.

That's all I have for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Glam Suprise Party

I don't know where to start with this one...

A few weeks ago I turned the BIG 3-0.  I thought that I was just going to a fancy dinner with my husband, little did I know the production that was being put together behind my back.

My wonderful team at Events Inspired by Love conspired with all of my favorite vendors to throw me the most amazing birthday bash at a private estate in Huntington Harbor.  While all the set up was taking place I was being distracted hanging out with a great friend getting our hair and make-up done.  Then the phone call came in, kinda Charlie's Angels style, that it was time to head out.  My driver ;) informed me that I was to be blind folded and to wear head phones as soon as we hit the freeway.  So on we went and all was dark to me.

When the car stopped I felt the other doors open then close and then I was all alone.  Finally my door opened and I felt my husbands hand and he spoke into my ear to follow him.  The blind fold and head phones remained during my short walk to my destination.  I was placed into position and waited for the cue.

Here are a few of the details...

The gorgeous monotone florals were styled by Marci at Entwined Design.  The modern displays grouped the all white flowers by type. With over 250 white long stem roses, 70 stems of white dendrobium orchids, 40 white china mums and 30 white hydrangea the room was transformed into a glamorous setting.

 Brett Hickman is responsible for the absolutely beautiful images that you are seeing here in this blog post.  I have only worked with Brett a handful of times and all I have to say is WOW!  His attention to detail is impeccable.


 Did you see that beautiful dessert spread up there?  They were from the super talented baker Melody from Sweet and Saucy Shop and they tasted A-MAZ-ING.

My husband and I had a little impromptu photo shoot on the back deck and boat dock in the harbor.

Black Jack and Texas Holdem tables were provided by Poker Store.  The tables were full all night long.  There were even prizes for the top winners.

These are just a few group shots from the evening.
My husband and Step-daughter looking fancy!

Two great friends that were in on the surprise and didn't spill the beans.

Even a past bride and groom!

Me and my beautiful mom.

Two cool grandparents.

Two more great friends that spent tons of time helping with set up.  I am truly indebted to you.

Nightlife Entertainment provided the uplighting and DJ for the night.  Frank was great in keeping the guests on the dance floor and Devin even made an appearance and spun some beats.

My husband gave a beautiful speech that then lead into a spotlight dance with a special song.

I would like to thank everyone that was apart of this special day.  It was truly an amazing night and wonderful way to welcome in my 30's.