Friday, March 30, 2012


I am linking up again with Jeannette from Life Rearranged on this yucky gloomy day.

Fridays always seem to be the busiest around here and this week it started a little earlier (Thursday).  So here is my week in Retro photos (I don't have and iphone, therefore no instagram).

There was this beautiful Austin Healey parked next to me last week.  Gorgeous green color with red interior.  I should announce now that I am a total car geek, especially mustangs!  Shout out to 281 Motorsports (my husbands business). ;)

I participated in the ARC walk last weekend.  It was my first time (even though my grandmother has been apart of the board forever). Complete fail on that one :(  Totally inspirational and uplifting.  I will definitely be back and encouraging others too!

I went clothing shopping for the first time in a long time.  It just so happens that when I go once it becomes an obsession and I have to keep going, so I try and limit myself.  Shopping is truly an addiction.  My fav purchase was this white lace top with that adorable black bow belt.

It rained here then the clouds rolled away in all there darkness.  With it they left the gloomy days.  I can't wait for summer and nice blue skies.

 While reading the ARC website this week I came across this fab photo.  It is a pic of my mom and grandma at the finish line.  Thanks for the support!  Can't wait to do it again next year.

This is what my desk has looked like all week.  Crafting and netflix on the ipad!  Such a great combination.

Salad lunches for weeks now have helped in maintaining my weight but not in loosing any.  That will be the next step.  Why is it so hard to NOT eat the the fattening foods!?!

Yesterday, I attended an open house for La Tavola Linens in Newport Beach.  Their set up was beautiful and their new linens were gorgeous!  I can't get over the sequin chevron print.  Just trying to figure out what event I can throw that linen into ;)

That's all for this week.  How was your week?  Do you link up with Jeannette?  If not you should ;)

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