Friday, April 20, 2012

Insta-Friday 4/20/12

We have had absolutely GORGEOUS weather this week.  Sorry to rub it in to all you non So Cal residents.  But this is why I live here and no where else.  Love the So Cal weather!

I am liking up with Jeannette from Life Rearranged for Insta-Friday.  You should join in the fun!

How funny that I started this post about the beautiful weather and the first photo it of the rain.  Friday was a crazy rain day but completely welcomed (it doesn't come around so often).  Even though I would rather be at home snuggled in bed.

So on a rainy day what do I want?  Ramen House in Costa Mesa whet my appetite and apparently everyone else as well.  Oh well the chicken curry is so nummy.

After all the rain on Friday the sun showed its face behind all the big fluffy clouds.  I love the sky after the rain.

I had a meeting with a bride last Saturday at a Tea House.  The menu was so big I didn't know what to order.  I ended up with Lemon Honey Iced Tea and it was good.

Healthy eating started on Sunday.  Turkey patty with sliced tomatoes in Huntington Beach on Main Street.  Now its been almost a week and all is good.

We were all very thirsty that morning.  Don't be fooled by that syrup in front of most assuredly was NOT mine.

Later in the day we made our way over to Belmont Shores for dinner.  As we waited for our table we shopped because, well, that's what we do best!  I purchased a perfect gift for an upcoming birthday.

Keeping up with the healthy eating, Chicken Tawook and hummus with a Greek salad.  Too much food that I take half home and have for lunch the next day.

New pillows are expensive but so worth it.  I have been loving on mine this past week.

Green, green, green.  That's all I have been eating this week.  But you can't tell me this doesn't look good.  Actually you could if you commented but I bet none of you would comment on this salad let alone say that it looks terrible.

Taco salad night was so good.  OK, so I know that the corn tortilla is not all that healthy but we did use turkey meat.  No picture of the finished product it was so good I forgot to take a picture before I ate.

Spring pictures...OMG.  They have become so technical lately.  Funniest thing, Jessica showed her grandma and grandma asked "Did you go to each of those places  for the photos"  I could not stop laughing.  Not sure if I like them but we will of course order to memorialize Jessica in her cast.

Are you linking up with Jeannette?  If not you should.  See you next week!

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