Friday, April 20, 2012

Insta-Friday 4/13/12

Disclaimer:  So I am not sure why this didn't post last week but here it is: 4/13/12 Insta-Friday.  This weeks edition will be up soon.

Here it is again another great week!  Easter was last Sunday and we had a fabulous family day in Laguna.

I am linking up with Jeannette from Life Rearranged for this insta-friday.

Saturday was friend day.  We (Kristy and I) picked up Jessica's friend from school and we headed to the park.  They were having an egg hunt (probably the largest I had ever seen).  The girls had such a blast.  Afterwards we headed out to do some shopping.  They girls had a blast at Justice.  We also picked up some egg dye for some at home fun.


Sunday was Easter and Family day.  We started off with opening the baskets.  In total Jessica received 6 baskets this year. 1. Grandma 2. Mom & Ned 3. Dad & April 4. Papa 5. Special Prize from the hunt on Saturday 6. Family friend.  Needless to say this girl is spoiled!

The boys hid the eggs while we distracted Jessica.  Then it was time for the hunt.  We forgot to count how many were hidden so I hope we got them all.  If not the dogs will.

After the hunt we headed out.  First stop was The Great Park in Irvine.  It was so nice to just walk around with the amazing weather we had.  Falafals and kettle corn were on the menu for the day. 

Next we headed to the carousel.  It was nice to feel like a kid again.  I think we rode that thing 3 times!

Finally we made it to our destination, Laguna Beach.   We did a little shopping to entertain the adults before heading over to the water.

Jessica was stoked she just got her cast off and now she was playing at the beach.  The girls were just happy we had Jessica's towel to sit on in the sand with our lovely dresses.  We were definitely over dressed but it was Easter. 

Finally it was time for dinner.  We skipped the home cooked ham this year and ate out.  Lazy Dog Cafe was our destination of choice and it was so good.  Check out the chandelier below, definitely doggie heaven on that one.  After dinner was done it was time for a father daughter pow-wow by the fire.

Now for a few randoms...

I bought this Billy Idol album and have been rockin' out in my car all week.

Then the crazy clouds came in and made for a beautiful sky.  It was going to be a wet week.

Teal and coral?  New fav? Just maybe!

5 hour planning sessions are made so much better when you have adorables around to look at.
That's all for this week.  Check back again next week for more excitement!

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