Thursday, December 8, 2011

right now...

stole this idea from a bunch of other bloggers around the internets:

right now i am…

watching:  the wind blowing all the Autumn colored leaves around on the ground and up into the air

eating:  an egg sandwich, in need of some major protein today, feeling a bit sluggish

drinking:  WATER! All I ever drink!

wearing: Black slacks, ivory lace top, new Kenneth Cole coat, fingerless gloves to type and no shoes, don’t
judge, its not nice

avoiding:  the paper pile on my desk

feeling:  tired and yucky.  Woke up feeling terrible but slowing feeling better, very slowly

missing:  my husband.  working late every night this week

thankful:  loving family, holidays bring out the love

weather:  64* just checked, still too cold for my little fingers

praying:  family members of friends

needing:  a nap, maybe it will help kick me out of this funk

thinking: about the Christmas Party tonight and eating yummy food

loving:  the holiday season.

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