Friday, December 30, 2011


So last week got a little hectic and I didn't get a chance to post.  My bad.  To make up for it I am doing a double post so that I can share the photos that I took.

We had a couple nights of snuggle time watching some Christmas movies on TV. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Home Alone 1&2

A fun little Christmas Party with some wedding peeps.  and a fun little white elephant gift exchange.  we are all so nice that only one gift was "stolen" and of course it was mine.

One of my gifts was sent overnight from New York!

The stockings were hung by the...bookcase? with care.  There is no fireplace in the Family room and that is where our tree is, so that is where our stockings go.

Jason hosted an open house for his customers and vendors to stop by the shop chat and have a little food.

A Christmas Eve Eve dinner with the hubby and an amazing view.

He was like a kid again playing with legos.  So nice to have the time for simpler things.  And yes they were HIS legos...but in his defense it was the Empire State Building and I bought it for him.

 And that white box up there...the one from New York...yea that one.  This is what was inside.  Sorry the photo's a little dart but its a Coach tote for my business stuff.

A warm lunch on a cold day.  Chicken curry soup with mini cornbread muffins. YUMMO!

Gorg sunset the other night.  This photo does not do it justice.

I also have a cute little project I am working on for a baby shower in Texas.

What did you have going on this week?

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