Friday, December 2, 2011


OK, here goes.  I am going to try something new.  That's not the hard part.  Now actually sticking to it, that just may prove to be difficult.

I have been following a few blogs that do this little thing called Insta-Friday.  Taking the photos from their phones for the week and posting a blog about it on Fridays.  I thought this would be a great way for you, my readers, to get a glimpse into my personal life.  Now if I can keep up with it that would be wonderful.  If you could keep me accountable, that would be GREAT!  If its Friday afternoon and I still haven't posted BUG me about it :)

Thanks and here it goes...

 I took this photo for my wasn't a tease.  But he asked if it was his Christmas gift.  Then I felt terrible :(

Girls day at the salon! Days like these are few and far between but when they happen they sure are fun.  This was a rare occurrence as it was more like girls weekend because the day before we shopped.  Oh and I spy little ol me in the background. Can you?

Sir Winston Churchill came to visit me and we played.  He slobbered, snorted and did the slanted playful pounce that bulldogs do.  I loved every minute.

Just documenting how "fast" I was going.  Oh and I need to get gas too.

I have officially started decorating for Christmas.  It may only be a little progress, but hey its progress!

And so while decorating last night I had a little help...OK more like supervision...well maybe just an onlooker...oh who am I kidding he slept the whole time!

If you would like to join in too link up with Jeannett

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