Friday, December 16, 2011


Yay!  Another installment of Insta-Friday.  Not too much talk today...lets get right into the photos.

I am linking up the Jeannett from Life Rearranged.

I started wrapping Christmas presents this weekend...and am proud to say that everything is wrapped.  I still have a few more to buy, but I am WAY ahead of the game this year!

After a few hours of shopping we worked up an appetite,  Ihop provided the fuel we needed to keeping on going.

It was a very rainy day on Monday.  So glad it didn't last into Tuesday.

Why yes.  Yes, I do wrap all my gifts in purple Christmas paper to match my purple Christmas decorations.

New ceiling fan in the family room, and yes I do know that it is winter time, there was just no time this summer to have it installed.  We will enjoy it next summer though.

Friendly cat lady even has a Christmas tree for her cats.  I can't decide if this is cute or creepy.  I will just go with cute :)

Newport Coast after the rain is absolutely beautiful.

Yay for Christmas lights up.  Just a single strand around the roof line.  Taking it slow and adding something new every year.

Thats all for this week.  What did you do this week?

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