Friday, February 10, 2012


It's been a rough week.  A really rough week.  I just don't understand how some people can be so inconsiderate and bully others around.  That is just not the type of people that I want to be associated with and I am working on changing that.  So, with this rough week brought not many photos.  I will share what I did take and my week with you now...

I am linking up with Jeannette from Life Rearranged.

Jason was acting silly as usual.  Neither one of those drinks were mine by the way.  I don't drink soda or chocolate shakes...and neither does he...not sure what got in to him. :)

I stopped by Jason's shop on Saturday while out running errands to bring him lunch.  I am working on being the kind, loving wife still after almost 5 years. 

It has almost become a Sunday tradition visiting this place.  Sundays have become a cheat day and I really did it up this day with country style french toast.  It was Super Bowl Sunday so it was an early stop as we were on our way to a friends.

We had plenty of time before kickoff the girls decided to head out to the mall for a little retail therapy.  I saw this ceiling inside a store and totally want to recreate it in my office one day.

Then we stopped into Zales (not a paid advertisement, just wanted to check things out).  I had been telling a friend about Vera's new bridal collection and she loved it.  She did pick Vera's most expensive ring but I think it is meant to be because under every ring is a sapphire stone and that's her birthstone.  See, totally meant to be! ;)

We got back just in time for kick off.  We watched the first half then it was time for Madonna's half time show.  It was pretty crazy with the theatrics and all the musicians she had with her.  I was impressed.

Sometime before the end of the game I looked outside and saw the gorg sunset.  I HAD to run outside and take a photo...or 4.

Here are a few more with the retro camera.  See I told you it was beautiful!

This was dinner one good.

This button was used a few times this week.  I don't like to say it but I don't mind if the button says it for me.

That's all I got for this week.  Lets hope the next one is better.


  1. Hehehe I like the insult button, and the spaghetti you had for dinner, which looks amazing! :)