Friday, January 13, 2012


OK so this ones a little late in the day.  I need to start preparing my posts on Thursdays so that I can stay ahead of the game.

I am back on it with another installment of Insta-Friday with Jeannett.

These girls came to visit me earlier late last week.  So cute and fluffy!

Night time traffic is miserable during rush hour traffic.

 I visited a new scrabook store last weekend.  It was MAJOR! The racks and racks of paper was a bit overwhelming.  I was picking up some paper for a cute project I am working on.  I will be revealing bits and peices on my twitter and facebook.  Check them out.

Turkey Bacon Avocado on Squaw with Sprouts from Tummy Stuffers is A.MAZ.ING!!!

My Google Reader is getting a bit out of control.  I had plans to work on that this much for that :(

Happy Birthday cupcakes went fast.

Thats all for this week.

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