Friday, January 6, 2012


Its Friday again and with that comes another Insta-Friday.  You know some say that if you do something three times it becomes a habit.  Well...that's what I thought, then again, it may just be when trying to stop eating chocolate.  

Anyway, a habit has not been formed in taking photos through the week.  In fact, I didn't take ONE camera phone photos this week.  But do not fret, New Years Eve brought us a few photos of a fabulous pajama themed party. 

All the friends gathered together in their best PJ wear.

 There was board games, beer pong, poker, video games and dancing...

The adults even joined in!

 Throw in a little harmless wresteling...

 Some flying...

 Buddy photos...

And the princess in the tutu can't be without her headband to complete the outfit.

Just before the ball drop we all gathered together, some even holding money for good fortune in the new year (I may have grabbed a Franklin that was in my purse to to make sure), to count down.

And at the strike of midnight a kiss and a wish for a wonderful new year to come.

This will conclude my new years edition of Insta-Friday.  I hope to be back next week with an actual Insta-Friday post.

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