Friday, May 25, 2012

Insta-Friday 5/25/12

I didn't fail this week!  I did what I said I was going to do and remembered to take photos this week.

I am linking up with Jeannette from Life Rearranged for insta-friday.

Saturday night we celebrated my husbands birthday at Speed Zone.  It was like being a kid again, the boys loved all the competition and they were out to win.

 After a late night out we had to wake up super early and get to work.  We had the carpets cleaned in the entire house on Sunday.  We removed almost all the furniture from the house save for a few large items.  As you can see from the photo above, the ironing board became a make shift table for toy animals.

Here are some photos of the empty house and the nice clean carpets!  I love it!

It is also the end of the school year, which in-turn comes science projects and open house.  Jessica wanted to test how carnations change color with food coloring.  Being the crafter that I am I was excited to help her with her display board.  But she made all the decisions and it turned out great.

Wednesday, 7-11 had another free slurpee day.  This time they were promoting a new flavor, Mango Lite.  It was sugar free so I splurged and had one.  Don't worry it was only 7.11 ounces.

Water!  I drink so much water on a daily basis.  It is all I drink.  I should keep track of how much I drink in a day.

On Thursday I had a wrap up meeting with a wonder bride and groom getting married next month.  June 30 to be exact and to be more specific, my wedding anniversary.  Yes, I chose to do a wedding on my wedding anniversary.  I think that it will be sweet to watch another couple celebrate their love on the same date my hubby and I did.  I plan to have my husband their to assist me so we can watch their love together.

Well that was it for this week.  Have a great Memorial Weekend!

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