Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I feel that an introduction is necessary for my first blog post here.  There is just so much that I could say that I will keep it brief and hope that you will learn more as I continue this blog into the future.

I am a wife to an amazing man who inspires me everyday to keep on going no matter how stressed or tired I am.  He truly is my encouragement in business and in life and my best friend.

I am a stepmother (not step-mom) to the greatest, smartest most beautiful 10 year old.  Watching her grow in to a tweener has been a great experience in patience and love.

I am an uber planner.  I plan everything from weddings and events to my shopping lists to my vacation schedules all to the very last detail.

Those are 3 parts that make me who I am. 

In this blog I will showcase weddings, baby & bridal showers, birthday parties and any other events that I am a part of.  I will give insight on event planning and details.  Follow along with me as my blogging journey begins.

And because I think every post should have a picture, here is one from a past event that I will post soon.

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